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Catholic Coast Hoops is a blog written by a former Gonzaga graduate who is currently in Kansas City. A lifelong Gonzaga and WCC basketball fan, he finds it difficult to talk about the Zags, Cougars, Gaels, Dons, Broncos, Waves, Pilots, Lions, Tigers, and Torreros in the heart of the Big 12 country. This blog serves as a bit of forum for his personal thoughts on all things WCC basketball.

This blog has had some weird ups and downs, as it remained dormant for a couple of years until I decided to resurrect it in Late March of 2016. A lot of failed blog projects and commitment to my day job as a teacher and basketball coach was the primary reason, but after Gonzaga's Sweet 16 run, I felt compelled to write again about WCC basketball, which has always had a special place in my heart despite my major distance away from it physically. Posts will come and go depending on my time availability, but I would like to put more time in this blog after staying away from it for so long.

Other than WCC basketball, I also enjoy the NBA (Go Kings!), watching all levels of basketball (including NAIA and high school), listening to Synthwave (especially Luigi Donatello mixes), finding new bars in KC, watching indie films, smoking hookah and hitting up burrito stands at 1 a.m. in the morning on the weekends.

And lastly, I am on a quest to find good Filipino food in the Midwest...

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