Sunday, December 22, 2013

Introduction to Catholic Coast Hoops

I have created a lot of blog projects in my lifetime. Blogs and I are like Taylor Swift and Boyfriends: we go through a lot of them, though we're totally into them for the given period of time. However, this is one I feel confident in keeping up. If not, don't say I didn't warn you. My blog projects are often short lived, much like Michael Cimino's movie ideas. However, every now and then, I am able to really get behind something (as in the case in Optioned to Fresno and Remember '51). Hopefully, Catholic Coast Hoops will be one of those "something's".

In terms of an intro to Catholic Coast Hoops, this is a blog focused on covering WCC men's basketball with a healthy dose of statistical analysis. This isn't a place for game recaps or interviews, but I want to try to write decent articles about statistical trends and reports on certain teams and players in the WCC. I really believe in advanced stats in basketball, and as evidenced by NBA Stats' new web page, the revolution I think in terms of statistical analysis in basketball, while behind baseball still, is starting to catch on. Thanks to sites like Ken and StatSheet, statistical analysis is being used more in the college game, and with the quest to make the NCAA tournament even more important than ever for schools, seeing what schools are worthy and which ones aren't through advanced analysis is more important than ever.

But why WCC Hoops? Well, I went to a WCC school and I grew up around multiple WCC schools in some way or form. WCC hoops is something familiar and beloved to me, even though I'm in the middle of the country thousands of miles away from WCC action. However, thanks to technology (i.e. cable TV and broadband internet), I am able to still follow WCC basketball in earnest, even though I am not able to attend as many live games as I used to. It's heartbreaking I know, but sometimes you got to make sacrifices in life. Call it "the curse of adulthood".

What do I hope to do with this blog? I hope to write about WCC basketball year-around because in reality, basketball is the only sport that matters in the WCC (sorry soccer and baseball, but you know it's true). And also, I love basketball at all levels, so to be able to cover recruiting in the off-season is also something I look forward to in the off-season.

I know there are a lot of great WCC sites out there, and this one is far from being in their league. But hopefully, you'll get something a little different from what else is out there. Hopefully you'll stick it out as I get settled on this blog.

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